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Individual Therapy Season

Individual Therapy

Is there something about your life or yourself that you wish was different? Learn ways to navigate issues while deepening your understanding of yourself so that you can reach your goals.

50 minutes | $150-190 sliding scale 

Group of people

Group Therapy

Feeling alone? Find healing in community with others going through similar struggles. 

Coming Soon

Couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Have you lost that spark or trust with your partner? Are you arguing more than ever or just feeling bored in your relationship? Find ways to re-connect and deepen your understanding of each other.

50 minutes | $180-240 sliding scale


EMDR Therapy

Feeling stuck? If talk therapy isn’t your thing or hasn’t helped much, EMDR can help you process distressing memories by unlocking your brain’s ability to self-heal.

Learn more about EMDR

50 minutes | $180-240 sliding scale

Let's begin your journey of healing. 

Monica Linares
LMFT #105041

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